DILI, 06 january 2022 ( TATOLI) – Consul and Third Secretary of the Philippine Embassy in Timor Leste, Laser Blitz Sumagaysay said around 200 Timorese students in the Philippines are continuing their studies online because the country has imposed a mandatory quarantine to prevent COVID-19.

“The Philippine government has not announced face-to-face learning classes as the country is under the covid-19 restrictions, therefore students across the country maintain their studies online,” Sumagaysay told Tatoli at the Philippine Embassy in Farol, Dili, on Wednesday.

Sumagaysay said of the 200 students currently studying in the Philippines, most are the scholarship recipient from the Government, but there are also some students whose parents have to pay for the school fees.

“These students take various courses, namely Agriculture, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Philosophy, Theology, Linguistics, Social Communication, Economics, Medicine, Education, and others,”

According to Sumagaysay, Universities in the Philippines are not expensive and internationally qualified, so many Timorese choose to study in the Philippines with the support of their parents.

“I am proud that many Timor-Leste’s students can complete their studies in the Philippines, we hope that after graduation they will return to Timor-Leste to serve the country,” said Sumagaysay.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B


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