DILI, 05 november 2021 ( TATOLI)- The representative of the United States (US) Embassy in Timor – Leste, Charge d’ Affaires Tom Daley, said the U.S. will send the observers to observe the presidential election process in March 2022.

“The US Government may send some observers to directly monitor the presidential election in 2022 but this plan will be discussed in the US central Government,” Tom Daley told reporters in CNE ‘s office Kolmera, Dili today.

He added that the US has supported Timor-Leste in developing democracy since Timor-Leste’s independence and the US plans to send observers to ensure the election is transparent and the voters will be free to choose the candidates for the president without intimidation from any party.

“I have informed the US central Government regarding the 2022 elections in TL and it will be discussed by the US Government, to determine whether the US will send the observers, it depends on their decision,” He said.

At the same place, the President of the National Election Commission, (CNE), Jose Agostinho Belo, said CNE appreciates if the US wishes to send the observers to observe directly the presidential election in 2022

“CNE welcomes them if the US Government sends a delegation of observers to directly observe the presidential election in 2022 to ensure the election is transparent,” He said.

Belo added previously the observers from the United Nations and the European Union were also ready to send the observers to Timor-Leste to directly monitor the election process.

“CNE together with the Secretariat of Technical Administration and Electoral (STAE) are prepared for the Presidential election in 2022 and also prepared to accompany the observers to assist the elections across municipalities,” He said.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: NElia B


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