DILI, 16 october 2021 ( TATOLI) – The Director-General of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration ( STAE), Acilino Branco revealed that a delegation from the European Union (EU) will arrive in Timor – Leste next week to analyze Timor-Leste’s preparations for the upcoming presidential elections.

“The European Union’s international observers in Brussels will arrive in Timor – Leste on October 21st to assist our preparation for the 2022 presidential elections,” said Alcino Branco during the interview with Tatoli, at his office Caicoli Dili.

According to the director, the delegation composes of more than 20 people, saying they will receive support from the Timorese Government in their work, both at the national and municipal levels.

“The delegation asked STAE to organize meetings in the municipalities to allow an effective observation in municipalities such as Manufahi, Likisa, and Lautem that have been targeted for this initiative,”

After the evaluation is conducted for these places, the team will introduce a report to STAE to see whether it is necessary to improve some aspects in other regions.

Branco added that the EU team will also meet with the states Leaders to address issues related to presidential elections before returning to Brussels on November 6.

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Journalist : Domingos Piadade Freitas

Editor : Maria Auxiliadora

Translator : Camilio de Sousa


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