DILI, 22 june 2021(TATOLI)- 20 Filipinos in Timor-Leste have been penalized because their visas have expired.

Vice Consul and Third Secretary of the Philippines Embassy to Timor-Leste, Laser Blitz B. Sumagaysay

Vice Consul and Third Secretary, Atty Laser Blitz B.Sumagaysay explained that there were around 20 Filipinos whose visas were declared expired. Therefore, the Philippine Embassy in Timor-Leste has coordinated with the Immigration of Timor-Leste to immediately resolve this issue.

“It was reported that there were 20 Filipinos whose visas have expired, and the Timor-Leste immigration authorities have imposed a penalty. Therefore, the Philippines Embassy will pay the penalty imposed on the 20 Filipinos,” said Sumagaysay to Journalist of TATOLI News Agency in The Embassy of Philippines, Farol, on monday.

He explained that each person would be penalized $580 USD.

Based on the Immigration regulations, it is written that every foreign citizen domiciled in Timor-Leste whose visa expires for 3 months and above will pay a penalty of $580 USD.

Sumagaysey explained that the 20 Filipinos, whose visas had expired for more than 30 months, therefore the Philippine Embassy would pay for everything in the near future before repatriating the Filipinos on june 30.

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Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Rafy Belo


  1. US$580 is the wrong fine. As long as the Embassy pays within 10 days of the transgressor being notified of the fine, the sum is $350 per person. Articles 141c) & 150.1 of the 2017 Law of Migration & Asylum apply:
    Article 141 – Illegal stay
    In cases where the foreigner exceeds the period of stay authorized in national territory, the following fines shall apply:
    a) from US$150 to US$230 when the period of overstay does not exceed 30 days;
    b) from US$230 to US$350 when the period of overstay exceeds thirty days but does not exceed ninety days;
    c) from US$350 to US$580 when the period of overstay is greater than ninety days.
    Article 150 – Notification for voluntary payment and complaint
    1. The notice of notice shall be immediately notified to the offender, together with the information that he may voluntarily pay the fine within ten working days, for the legal minimum, or within the same time limit to appeal the fine.


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