Atabae rice field (image/António Gonçalves)

DILI, 25 May 2021 (TATOLI)— Timor-Leste rice production to surge a record of 60.000 tonnes of mild rice from the first crop season. 

“Our prevision for this year is 10%, if we convert the rice to the mild rice, the production will reach 59.000 to 60.000 tonnes,” Director-General of Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery, Maria Odete do Ceo Guterres said recently at the Palacio das Cinzas, Caicoli Dili. 

While the rice production last year reached 78.000 tonnes equal to 40.200 tonnes of mild rice from the first crop season, as for this year Timor-Leste is under a pandemic situation and the production of rice has not reached the same target as last year. 

Ms. Guterres said, to hit the target, MAP will advance the mechanism of intensify productivity and create and improve the irrigation system and other things. 

“The politic of the Ministry is to maintain increasing in the production, generate product diversification, making the expansion in the potential area, and implementing the technology production,” She said. 

MAP is now starting the first season crop for 75 hectares of rice in Bobonaro municipality.

Following the report from 2019 the agricultural census, 60% of families have been doing agriculture activities in 219,250 hectares estimates size of property.

The report also shows that the agricultural property areas in Bobonaro are more extensive than other regions in other municipalities, which is 41.000 hectares. In comparison, Emera district has 40.000 hectares, Baucau 25.000 hectares, while the Lautém only has 8.555 hectares, Manatuto hectares 3.371. 

The result also shows within 141.738 hectares of agricultural property, there are 141.141 which belong to families, and 597 properties are private institutions. 


Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina



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