DILI, 09 march , 2021 (TATOLI) – The Integrated Crisis Management Center (CIGC) today announced 13 more active cases of covid-19 in Dili after the COVID authorities conducted a mass testing and randomized screening.

Deputy Coordinator of the covid-19 Timor-Leste, Odete Viegas, said the health team detected an additional 13 infections. Nine of these cases are related to the previous two, neighbors of the infected woman detected in Baucau, living in the BTN II Tasi tolu Dili.  All the infected patients are employees from the office of the Secretariat state for Professional Training and Employment (SEFOPE).

In addition to these, the CIGC registered a new case in Bebonuk, at the Administrative Post of Dom Aleixo. This case was detected after the health team performed a screening test to find out people who had close contact with the patient.

At the same time Ms Viegas said that another three cases are identified by the surveillance team today during the screening at the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares, one of whom was a health professional from the hospital and her two children.

The joint health team will continue to look for contacts close to those infected and will disclose the results tomorrow.

The country currently has 48 active cases of covid-19, out of a total of 142 since the outbreak began and 98 people have recovered.

The active cases announced today are also linked to some schools in Dili – Canossa school, Center for Learning and School Training (CAFE) and Maharlika International school.

“I appeal to the entire population whose children have had contact at school with positive cases of BTN II or the National Hospital Guido Valadares to contact to the covid-19 authority to perform the tests,” she said.

The CIGC called on the entire population in Dili to remain at home and reduce the travel to allow the frontline team to do the job.

“One of the concerns is related to travel to other municipalities, which will constitute a risk for the rest of the country. Thus, the sanitary fence imposed by the Government for seven days is an opportunity for the front-line team to detect positive cases and carry out the necessary surveillance,” She said.

Journalist: Maria Auxiliadora

Editor: Zezito da Silva


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