DILI, 4 march 2021 (TATOLI)- Director-General of National Comission for Children Right, Teresa Maria Freitas said, Since the pandemic started, nearly two-thirds of the survey’s participants (80%) say they’ve made a significant lifestyle change.

“The DNCCR had conducted the surveys to find out how the adolescent and the adults’ feelings about the pandemic has been changing their lives. We also receive the suggestion and feedback for their future,” she said.

According to Freitas, more than 400 participants between 10 to 24 years of age are responded to the online survey. The respondents were from the 12 municipalities including Oé-Cusse RAEOA and 51% are from Dili. The respondents including 55% females and 7% are people with disabilities.

“The online survey was conducted via phone despite several respondents were not access to the Internets, mostly respondents said they are less accessed to education, since the pandemic brings significant change to their lives,” she said.

She said, Pandemic has reminded people to paying more attention to certain hygiene by keeping the habit up through washing hands and cleaning up, while other are saying that the pandemic makes them feel closer to their family and be able to spend more time with family.

In spite the Ms Granadeiro said, the objective from the online survey is to get the information of the respondents about the positive and negative effects of coronavirus to their life in Timor-Leste.

“It is important that we can hear from them and ensure the process will responds to the recoveries,” she said.

She said the survey will also shows active performance of the adolescent and the adults to responds to this situation.

From the total of 45% respondents said, they have been taking the action on helping the community during the pandemic crisis including information dissemination.

They added that, they have influenced their families to use the $200 of the government subsidy to the households in a proper way by means of buying the foods and other households need not alcohol or other unimportant things.

The Representative of UNICEF in Timor-Leste Scott Whoolery, said,while asking about the needs of the young people we find a consideration from those who are considering as the decision maker.

40% of the respondents suggested that, the decision maker must be focused on children and young adults particularly Education for children and the creation of job opportunities to the young people.

“Every child has the right to freely express their vision and take part in the decision making that have been affected their lives as childhood. Thus, we want to ensure that 1/3 of the adolescents and young adult to represent the population in Timor-Leste with significant involve and participate in the development and implementation of the politic,” Scott Whoolery said.


Journalist: Osoria Marques

Editor: Cancio Ximenes


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