DILI, 26 february 2021 (TATOLI)— The World Food Program (WFP) donates 38 smartphones to the Ministry of Finance, Department of Statistic, to support the digitization of paper-based data collection for Consumer Price Index (CPI) across the 13 municipalities.

The General Director of Statistic, Élias dos Santos Ferreira, said normally his department collects the data by using the papers such as conducting the market interview and shops interview regarding the promotion.

“But from now on, we will conduct a training to our teams across the 12 municipalities including RAEOA, to be able to utilize the smartphone for the interview,” Director Élias statement in the press release document access from TATOLI.

According to Santos the objective of using the smartphone to provide the facilities for the weekly CPI data collections to increase the quality of consumers data also as new steps to make the collection to the data with the new form of electronic.

The forthcoming plan will invite the representatives from the 12 municipalities.

“There are three municipalities that have been locked down, and will begin next month. Every municipalities will receive two smartphone and the rest will be given to CIP national team to conduct a monitorization for the data collection process,” he said.

He thanked the WFP and hoping that the WFP will continue to offer their technical people to provide the training for the team across the municipalities.

The WFP Representative to Timor-Leste, Dangen Liu, proud for providing the supports to the DoE in the CIP data collection from the paper to digital.

“With the Open Data Kit (ODK) or Mobile Operational Data acquisition (MoDA) tool, this approach will hopefully enable the CPI field teams from the General Directorate of Statistics (GDS) and hope it will be able to use in all municipalities,” he said.

According to Liu this support is as a small-scale support and as the beginning of the collaboration between the two partners.

“Hope that this could supports the politic of making the decision based on the statistical data,” he said.


Journalist: Florêncio Miranda Ximenes

Editor: Julia Chatarina


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