The Vigilant team fromt he MoH conducting mass testing in Administrative post of Fatumean. (Image Tatoli/Eugénio Pereira)

COVALIMA, 24 fevereiru 2021 (TATOLI)- The number of positive cases increase as the MoH COVID-19 commission detected two more infections in Klauhalek Village, Administrative post of Fatumean and Covalima Municipality.

A reporter from TATOLI, Eugénio Perreira inform today, that the screening results taken by the COVID-19 team indicates two people were infected with covid-19.

Vigilan team conduct mass testing to a child from Fatumean, Covalima. (Image Tatoli/Eugénio Perreira)

The patients have been transferred from Fatumea by the Covid Crisis team to Dili Vera Cruz Isolation Center to receive the intensive treatment.

The swabs of the two patients were taken on February 20, 2021 by the COVID Crisis team.

Meanwhile the team from the epidemiological vigilant, are searching for people who have direct contact with the patients including the other 29 people were identified by the CIGC yesterday.

Covid-19 team also use disinfectant drugs to hose down across the patients houses and the family’s residents to tackle the virus.

Following the observation of TATOLI journalist at Fatumean village, the PNTL security and the F-FDTL are continuing to secure the movement of people in Covalima.

Jornalist  : Eugénio Pereira

Editór      : Francisco Simões


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