DILI, 22 february 2021 (TATOLI)- Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) launches an online training on Airport Maintenance and Development for the 12 staffs from the Air Navigation Airport of Timor-Leste Public Entrepreneur (ANATL. EP).

The training will be held for five days from 22 to 26 of February with the focus on the Development on the Airport infrastructure.

“The training had been implemented earlier in Indonesia with the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia, but this year JICA has not sent any participant to attend the training in Indonesia due to  the pandemic. Thus, we realize the training via online and the subjects will be provided by the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia,” Representative of JICA in Timor-Leste, Goto Ko said at the Golgota Hall.

The President of ANATL, E.P, José Trindade thanked JICA in Timor-Leste with the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia for the supports.

“We will continue to require the support for the training, for us to have the advance knowledge on the airport development and maintenance in the International Airport of Nicolau Lobato,” Trindade said.

The training is the continuing supports from the Jica to Timor-Leste. This technical cooperation has been implemented since 2019.

The total budget allocated to this program is UDS$ 140.000.00.

The staffs from ANATL will learn more about the airport from the specialist of Indonesian. Thus, they will have better understanding and knowledge to develop the airport in Timor-Leste.

This program will also be realized on march next month with the focus on the three important areas such as: Finance Management for the Airport, the Security management system and airport management systems with the total of 12 participants.

Journalist: Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Editor: Julia Chatarina


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