DILI, 14 january, 2021 (TATOLI) – Ministry of Education will distribute the prevention of covid-19 equipment to the schools located across the borders.

Director General of Secondary Education from ME, Deolindo da Cruz said The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are now monitoring the situation of the entire schools across the borders, to start the distribution for the materials.

“The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health (MS) are monitoring the situation of schools so that they can start distributing prevention material, particularly in the border areas,” Deolindo da Cruz told Tatoli.

Mr Cruz said, Ministry has contacted the logistic department to distribute the equipment to the schools at Bobonaro, Covalima as well as Oé-Cusse region including schools located close to public roads.

“Around 67 thousand of masks, buckets and detergents to be distributed to the schools,” he said.

According to ME-National Director for Logistics, Manuel de Jesus dos Santos, these equipment obtained from partners.

“Now, we are waiting for the data gathering from the schools in order to begin the distribution for the equipment,” he said.

It is recalled that, The Ministry of Education has issued the measures requesting all the schools to maintain the teaching activities, in favorable environment to prevent the transmission of covid-19.

The announcement also highlighted, the message to public and private schools to ensure the compliance with sanitary rules, such as wearing masks, washing hands before going to classes.

Following the school national calendar, school activities will start on January 18th.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora


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