DILI,06 january 2021 (TATOLI)– The Gala Dinner for Spirit 2021 was set to celebrate on december 31, but according to the Representative of Raya Even, Yongky Kawegian the organizers have postponed the event due to COVID-19 safety concerns and the State of Emergency.

There are some important measures have been imposed during the State of Emergency, which is limit the group gathering more than 10 people, no partying and no celebration. Thus, the organizers of Raya Event have decided to postpone the event.

The Representative of the Raya Event, Yongky Kawegian apologize for the inconvenience amid covid-19 estate of emergency. In spite Kawgian affirms, the event will not be totally canceled but organizers are looking to reschedule the event after the state of emergency.

“We will continue to update the information regarding any changes and the reschedule for the event,” Yongky Kawegian told Tatoli at the Office of Raya Event Dili.

The Organizers were sad to pronounce the changes of the Historical Event of Raya Event, but the decision was set to help the government to avoid the country from the propagation of covid-19.

Journalist:Tome Amado

Editor:Agapito dos Santos


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