DILI, 2 november 2020 (TATOLI)-About 4,000 recovered patients from COVID-19 who are also Shincheonji Church members will donate blood plasma in the third round to develop convalescent plasma treatments.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) sent out a request for cooperation, saying, “In this situation where COVID-19 cases continue to occur in South Korea and abroad without an effective remedy, speedy development of plasma treatments through group plasma donations is demanded.” In response, about 4,000 members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus have decided to participate in the third round of plasma donations over three weeks from November 16 to December 11.

Shincheonji Church has already conducted two large-scale plasma donation of 1,700 church members last July and September, and among them, 312 recovered patients donated twice. About 1,700 members who already participated in the first and second rounds of donations will take part in the third round again. These peace volunteers have come forward to save lives and practice true love.

Regarding the large-scale blood plasma donation, Rt. Hon. Hrant Bagratyan, Former Prime Minister of Armenia, sent his congratulatory message, “the action of those who decided to donate plasma at the request of the government deserves praise. If a vaccine is developed through plasma donation, it would be helpful worldwide.”

Kwon Joon-wook, KDCA’s deputy director, said in a regular press briefing, “About 4,000 plasma donors will be given to Shinchonji in Daegu for three weeks from the 16th,” and added, “We are grateful for the active participation of Shinchonji and cooperation of Daegu Metropolitan City and the Korean Red Cross.” According to KDCA, As of 14 p,m. on November 24, 4,239 people have expressed their opinions in plasma donation, and 2,898 of them have completed plasma collection.

Plasma drugs require a lot of blood because they concentrate and process the antibodies and immunoglobulins contained in the completely cured blood. More than three months after COVID-19’s complete recovery, anyone aged over 17 or under 70 in Korea can participate in the plasma donation.




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