DÍLI, 3 december, 2020 (TATOLI) – The Executive Director of the Association of Disabled Persons of Timor-Leste (ADTL), Cesário da Silva, said that only 25% of people with disabilities have access to education, with 38,118 disabled people in the county’s is 25% is around 9000

Among 3.2% of Timorese population, 14,000 have the problem with their vision, 12,000 have hearing problems, 7,000 young people and another 3,000 have the mental problems/mental illness.

“The biggest challenge for people with disabilities are having access to education. Since only 25% of them have access to education most schools lack equipment and teachers to educate these members of society,” Cesário da Silva said.

Cesário asked the Government to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities and ensuring proper inclusive education for them.

“We are Timorese and can be counted on for our contribution towards Timor-Leste’s development. However, we have not yet fully enjoyed the right in accessing education, justice and other important sectors because of [physical] limitations that we have”, he said.

He noted that people with disabilities in Timor-Leste continue to experience “social discrimination” from communities.

“We will make every effort to reduce discrimination against our citizens with disabilities, by making people aware by helping with their understanding of the situation and conditions of people with disabilities”, he concluded.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick Kettle


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