Foreign Affairs Minister, Adaljiza Magno (Image Tatoli/Antonio Gonçalves)

DILI, 25 novembru 2020 (TATOLI)- Timor-Leste Embassy in Australia has worked hard with the North Territory Government to send Timor-Leste workers to work in Australia. 

During the period of COVID-19, Australia’s Government has suspended Timorese workers and other outside workers from entering to Australia, but According to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Adaljiza Magno, Timor-Leste’s efforts through its Ambassador in Australia Ines Almeida continue to convince the Government of Australia to accept Timorese workers to continue work in Australia.

“Our Ambassador in Australia, Ines Almeida, was able negotiating with the Northern Territory Government in Darwin so that we can continue to send our workers to work in Australia, and tomorrow I will inform the Secretary of Professional Training and Employment that  we are already on the green light to be able to send our workers to Australia,” Minister Magno said.

Regarding how many workers to be sent, Ms Magno has not been able to tell in depth since it is still in the negotiation stage with the Australian government to determine exactly how many workers will be sent there. And all processes will be responsible by Sepfope

Journalist   : Hortencio Sanchez

Editor        : Francisco Simões


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