DÍLI, 06 november, 2020 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MEJD) expects to allocate US $ 111.5 million for the next year, which is an increase of US $ 43.2 million, equivalent to a rise of 11.5% compared to 2020, whose allocated budget was 68.3 million dollars.

According to the Budget Report for 2021, the MEJD budget for the fiscal year 2021 provides for the inclusion of a sum of US $ 31.7 million for the implementation of activities relating to the measures set in the Economic Recovery Plan.

The same document reveals that MEJD’s priorities are based on strengthening planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation measures, to strengthen and adapt the education system, from pre-school to secondary and recurrent education.

“Among the priorities, are things such as building, managing and ensuring the maintenance of educational infrastructures, promoting the quality of teachers, promoting school management, promoting inclusion, making curricula and resources available to students and teachers as well as promoting good governance and institutional management in the ministry and all dependent services”, says the document.

For the Good Governance and Institutional Management program, it plans to allocate US $ 7.7 million, US $ 6.5 million for Pre-school Education, US $ 71.9 million for Basic Education, US $ 24.9 million is foreseen for Secondary Education and $ 274.708 for Recurrent Education.

The funds allocated are intended to ensure access to a broad range of inclusive, quality and equitable education, and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Also, the MEJD 2021 OGE will allocate $ 61.6 million for wages and salaries, $ 16.6 million for goods and services, $ 2.9 million for smaller capital, $ 7 million for working capital development and 23.1 million for public transfers.

According to the OGE 2020 book, the allocation of this year’s budget to the MEJD foresees an amount of US $ 59.3 million for salaries and wages, 7.6 million for goods and services, US $ 283,500 for minor capital and 1, $ 9 million for public transfers.

Journalist: Maria Auxiliadora

Editor: Zezito Silva/Nick Kettle


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