DILI, 05 november 2020 (TATOLI)— Infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in Timor-Leste are dropped in 2020 compare to the last year 2019.

The head of Controlling the National Hospital, Sara Maria Xavier said this year they have recorded 4 maternity cases compare to the year before 2019 which was 10 cases recorded by their office.

“these cases are coming from municipalities which was transferred here in Guido Valadares Hospital (GVH) in 2019 while another four cases that we have registered in 2020 they were suffered from serious disease, postpartum hemorrhage along with the hypertension during a moment of pregnancy,” she said.

She also added that, within October a 430 pregnant woman have given birth while out of this number 321 have normal delivery, 82 are undergone the surgery while 27 are using vacuum extraction and there is no mortality rate recorded within October.

Following the report from January to March, the hospital has recorded 53 infants’ fatalities.

The result also shows a recorded number of women given birth within three months, which is a total of 1.377, and 1034 were giving birth in a normal condition, 256 undergone the surgery while 87 are using the vacuum extraction to help delivery the baby.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Agapito dos Santos


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