72 Timorese students in Israel (Image Facebook/Mendonça )

DILI,19 October 2020 (TATOLI)– Parliament has Requested that the Foreign Affairs Ministry continue the effort of bringing back the 72 Timorese students that have completed their studies in Israel.

“There is a situation involving 72 students that are in Israel, they have finished their studies in the area of agriculture, and they want to return to Timor-Leste. I want to reinforce their voices, to have MNEC put in more effort to bring back these students,” FRETILIN’s Nelia Menezes said during parliament sittings.

According to Nelia, many students in other countries have returned, but the 72 students in Israel have not been returned.

Ms Menezes requests that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation set this as an important issue to focus on.

The Parliamentary Minister and the Minister for Social Communication,
Francisco Jerónimo said he would update this concern to the relevant Ministry.

Journalist: Evaristo Soares Martins

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/Nick Kettle


  1. Shalom from Israel!

    We would like to say that the 72 students from East Timor are a part of a group of over 1000 students who are still part of our program in modern agriculture. The program has been extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic – which has made it nearly impossible for students to return home. The only students that have returned to their home countries – have done so via flights organized by their governments – plus a handful of students that were able to fly home. Sadly at the present time there are still no flights operating to East Timor.
    We would like you to know that all the Timorese students are safe, well, have employment and health insurance and will return to normal studies as soon as the guidelines will allow. A special program has been designed especially for all the students that have remained and will offer them further knowledge and hands on experience in modern agriculture – which Israel is a world leader in.
    The Timorese students are a great asset to this program and are very well respected for being great students. The program hopes that they will find a safe way home with the help of their government and until that happens they will continue to be part of large international family of students at AICAT.

    • Thank you!

      We really appreciate for updating this information to us, and it is also good to hear that all of the students that are part of AICAT group are safe.

      In regards to your comment, and for us to make your comment as detail for news, we have few questions to complete this information for our website.

      1. have you received any feedback from the government of Timor-Leste regarding the situation of these students?
      2. we would like to know also the detail from the special program has been designed especially for all the students that have remained, what are those programs?
      3.are they the only students remind or there are still other students from other countries as well?
      4 we may have the detail of your name, your position and your workplace, and also your photo, to complete our news information,?

      Have a good day.


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