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LIQUIÇÁ, 08 October 2020 (TATOLI) – The Timor-Leste Government is growing 700 mangroves as a means to reduce the risk of natural disasters.

This activity has been organised to commemorate Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Day on October 13, 2020, which this year has the theme “good governance for the good disaster risk reduction,”

Civil Protection Secretary, Joaquim José Gusmão dos Reis Martins, Environment Secretary, Deométrio Amaral and fishing Secretary, Ilidio de Araújo represent the government during this process, and they are working alongside international organisations from United State ACRTL, to plant the mangroves at Ulmera village in the Liquiça district.

“We started this activity yesterday with a national workshop, and today we are planting the trees, we will have a long healthy walk tomorrow and also make a blood donation at Guido Valadares Hospital,” Joaquim José Gusmão dos Reis Martins, Civil Protection secretary said.

ACRTL coordinator, Carlos Gonçalves said it is a good partnership that has been able to work together with the government, to focus on disasters which can happen and also ways to protect the healthy environment.

“We have been the sub-commission since this activity was proposed but the government secretariats on how they would celebrate International Disaster Risk Reduction Day, we divided that a good way to do this would be through the action of growing mangroves to conserve the protected beach areas in Ulmera,” he said.

So far, this program has used $200,000 from ACRTL and also has had participation from Local Authorities, Students and the Community in Ulmera.

Journalist : Hortencio Sanchez/Joanico de Araújo

Editor: Francisco Simões/Nick Kettle


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