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DILI, 07 october 2020 (TATOLI)– Timor-Leste hosts workshops for International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction with the 2020 theme of Good Governance.

The Director-General of Civil Protection Society (SEPS), Chief Police, Ismael Babo said the principal objective of this workshop is to invite the Government and Ministries of both National and International Agencies, Civil Society and other parties together to brainstorm ideas, opinions and suggestions on how to prepare better systems of response for disasters when they occur in the future.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction was started in 1989, after a call by the United Nations General Assembly for a day to promote a global culture of risk-awareness and disaster reduction.

This day is held every year on October 13, the day celebrates and highlights how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness around the importance of reining in the risks that they face.

Timor-Leste, as a member nation, also takes part in the celebrations of this important day. This is a day to reflect on the interventions put in place, and review the conditions and current systems of Disaster response in Timor compared to the standard set out by the United Nations.

“We prepare ourselves for the prevention and response of disasters, both expected and unexpected since the disaster would not Necessarily follow our prediction,” Mr Babo said.

He added, the brainstorming from the government and entities showcased the following areas of interest including socialisation, technology system alert, disaster escaping, how to evacuate victims, required materials also provide emergency support and recovery.

At the same time, Mr Babo thanked the communities for their collaboration with the SEPS for responding to emergencies; they must continue to cooperate better in the future to prevent community hardship caused by a natural disaster.

According to the National Disaster Management, every year, Timor-Leste records the death of around ten people due to natural disasters they added that approximately 1,669 houses were destroyed since 2019-2020.

He also requested that the population stop building houses inside or close to rivers to avoid the disaster risk.


Journalist: Nelson de Sousa

Editor: Francisco Simões/Nick Kettle


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