DÍLI, 22 de September de 2020 (TATOLI)- Ministry of Tourism, Trades and Industry (MTCI) has released an exhibition on the promotion of domestic tourism as part of the World celebration of Tourism day, with a theme” Hau Nia Timor-Leste” which is means ‘My Timor-Leste.’

The event has been organised as a way to encourage local and international visitors to discover the leading tourism attractions in Timor-Leste especially in the municipalities.

This exhibition will begin on September 22 and run until the 26th at the Timor-Plaza shopping centre.

MTCI Minister, José Lucas do Carmo, thanked the development partners for their commitment and contribution to the creations of this exhibition, which presents the main tourist attractions for domestic travels around Timor-Leste.

“The government intends to contribute only to promote this sector of tourism, so it will always be at the side of partners to help promote this sector”, Minister Carmo said.

The Ambassador of the United States of America, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, asked people who are visiting places around Timor-Leste to publish the photographs on social networks with the hashtag #HauNiaTimorLeste

Ms.Fitzpatrick also said the USAID project of Tourism is in partnership with the MTCI and the National Campaign aims at supporting Timor-Leste to expand the tourism industry.

“Right now we are promoting domestic tourism through this exhibition, and it is set to showcase the charm and beauty of not only the tourist sites but also the country’s culture and cuisine,” she said.

Journalist: Zezito Silva

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick kettle


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