President of Parliament National, Aniceto Guterres (Image Tatoli/Egas Cristovao)

DILI, 15 September 2020 (TATOLI)— The Parliament and  Government will concentrate on the legislative agenda to ensure quality legislative processes after returning to the legislature session yesterday.

“There are two aspects related to the legislative competences which beef to be assessed closely for example coordination and concentration for the government around a legislative agenda and the attentive inquiry with competency to justify the sufficient fundamental proposal of projects of policy to secure the quality of legislative production, which will be advantage to people,” President of Parliament, Aniceto Guterres explain in the plenary in a new session.

Mr.Guterres said, in this context, there is need to focus more on reading and speaking with attentive form which are also showing the capacity of legislative focalization.

Only this form can reach the compliance plan for constitutional function hence the parliament established the strategical objective for the 2017-2022 period to make sure the law and public policy can reflect the needs of citizens.

“To ensure the realization of this proposal, we need a permanent level of dynamic communication among members of parliaments and the voters for the right of the petition and the participation form the active civil society relating to the work of parliament,” he said.

He added, the president is followed proactive a legislation produces by the Government. President is paying full attention to this area with hard work to approach the society’s contribution in the activities of parliament.

“It is not only in the legislation debate but primarily initiative for society about laws that needs to be created or modify and set more attention to communities or citizens who are not include in the civil society with the space creation to promote their participation effectively” he said.

Mr. Guterres said it is important for the permanent dynamic communication among the members of parliaments and the citizens because they functions as public representatives.

He also added that parliament needs to work hard, to eradicate the weakness related to the side dish area and the production of focalization from the government and the implementation of law by the National Parliament.

Journalist: Evaristo Soares Martins

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/Nick Kettle


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