Security Commander of PNTL Dili District, Sup. Euclides belo (Image Tatoli/António Gonçalves)

DILI, 13 august 2020 (TATOLI)– Two suspected illegal immigrants has been arrested by Atauro Police after receiving notification from two people in Acrema, Timor Leste.

According to the Dili Police Commander on Wednesday around 22:00 the police arrested the two foreigners one from New Zeland and another one from Indonesia who were doing an illegal trip from border of Liran-Indonesia trough to the Acrema village in Atauro.

After they were arrested, the police and the authorities in Atauro secured them before bringing them to the COVID-19 team in Atauro to conduct health test at Atauro Health Center.

The Security Commander of PNTL Dili District, Sup. Euclides belo said the Atauro Police are now conducting an investigation of the two citizens to find out information from their trip from Indonesia to TL.

“Last night a foreigne, from New Zeland and another person from Liran Indonesia who arrivived by boat on the coast of Acrema Uara-Ana, they were found by the communities who informed Police to arrest them,” Euclides Belo told the Journalist during the press conference at PNTL Quart Gen Caicoli Dili.

PNTL with the Marine Patrol Unit and Navy Force conducted the operation and in securing all involved and they have submitted it for investigation.

“The Police will investigate the Liran Citizen to find out how they were able to arrive on Atauro, trying to get the complete in detailed information” he said.

The Atauro Post Administrative Mateus Belo declared that based on the information from the community, the New Zeland Citizen traveled by boat from Surabaya-Indonesia to Timor-Leste over the sea, he was dropped into the ocean and was able to survive the swim until he was found by the two fishermen in Acrema-Buarana area.

The Authority from Atauro has brought him to PNTL to continue with their investigation.

Journalist : Eugénio Pereira

Editor : Francisco Simões/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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