Government with Relevant Entitites assisting the import rice from Vietnam, Thurday 13/08/020 (Image/MKAE)

DILI, 14 august 2020 (TATOLI)– The first production of rice imported from Vietnam has arrived in Dili Port yesterday(13/08/020) via MY HUNG ships.

The President of the National Logistic Center (NLC), Agusto Junior Trindade said the total rice acquired from Vietnam is 30.000 tonnes, but only 6000 tonnes have reached the shores so far.

The Government purchased the rice to the amount of $15 million, which includes the social and economic parcel which is a reserved for emergencies to ensure the state has a stockpile for three months in case the rice stock lessens during COVID-19.

“The Government purchased rice from Vietnam. The total amount of rice is 30.000 tons, and 6000 tons of rice was imported yesterday at 11:00 morning. The wait for the other 24.000 tons continues,” said CLN president Agusto Junior Trindade via phone interview.

The Government has provided the competence to NLC to sign the record regarding the rice acquire from Vietnam.

Mr Trindade said another 12.500 tonnes would be imported on August 21 and another 11.500 tonnes will follow on August 30.

He added, today the Government has officially opened the rice parcel, and the rice will be transferred to CLN warehouse.

The NLC president also said they would work with AIFAESA to do inspections of the rice before transfer to the warehouse.

The president of Timor-Leste Port Authority (APRIL) Flavio Cardoso Neves said The team that will be involved in controlling the rice is APORTIL, customs house, migration, quarantine and health to provide security for the people who imported the rice from Vietnam to Dili, and they will also do disinfecting.

“This team will be responsible in providing the checkup to people and goods that are being imported,” he said

Mr Neves added the people who are coming from Vietnam are to remain inside the ships.

“We are not authorising them to come out. They are staying inside the boat, and also we are not allowed to contact each other. We have an agency paid by the government that is responsible for transferring the rice from the ship,” he said.

Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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