Minister of Health Odete Maria Freitas (Image/Nelia Borges)

DILI, August 11, 2020 (TATOLI) – Health Minister Odete Maria Freitas Belo has revealed the second test result for the patient who tested positive to COVID-19 last week has now tested negative twice without register of any symptoms of the virus.

“The patient has performed the first and second tests at the Laboratory of Guido Valadares National Hospital and the patient returned negative result test, he is now waiting for follow up testing,” Health Minister Odete Maria Freitas told reporters at the Government Palace.

“We have a machine that allows us to perform the test here because Darwin recognizes the quality of our national laboratory,” she concluded.

According to Ms. Freitas the patient would say free from COVID-19 as the three time of the test results are negatives which is indicating the person is free from COVID-19.

General Coordinator for the commission and prevention of COVID-19 Odete Viegas said the patient who is receiving treatment at the Vera Cruz isolation Center is in the good condition.

MS Director of Health Services, Odete Viegas da Silva (Image/WHO)

Ms.Viegas also reveal that the patient is in good health, without registering any symptoms of the virus after performing the test.

“the patient is now in good condition when he was brought to the isolation centre, he was really worried, and at the same time the doctor contacted the Indonesian Embassy in Dili, on how to give him counselling, now he isn’t registering any symptoms,” she said.

She added the patient also suffers from hypertension and due to this health professionals are continuing to provide him with the treatment.

“When he recovered from his current disease, he will remain in isolation centre, until the two test results returned are negative, once recovered he will be released from the Vera-Cruz isolation Center,” she said.

The patient is a 45-year-old, Indonesian citizen who travelled from Central Java with Citilink on July 21 and arrived in Timor-Leste on July 22.

Journalist: Antónia Gusmão

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


  1. What about the results of the tests of the other people who were in quarantine with this patient? And the staff at Tasi Tolu?


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