The government said it would provide $15 vouchers for more than 160,000 customers in a bid to keep them in their homes. (Image/EDTL)

DILI, 04 April 2020 (TATOLI) – The Minister for Public Works has launched a text number — 12150 — for Timor residents to access a $15 electricity credit without leaving their homes.

Minister Salavadór Eugênio Soares dos Reis Pires yesterday signed a deal with Telemor, Telkomcel and Timor Telecom to facilitate the number.

“Customers at home will send a message to the hotline number 12150.. with their electricity account number… This number will [get] an automatic reply with the free Token of $15 for the client to fill in from home,” he said.

The Hotline number 12150 is offered by the National Communication Authority (ANC) for some 160,555 customers to contact to access the free credit.

The government announced the measure earlier in the week in a bid to keep keep people in their homes as much as possible and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

But Minister Pires cautioned that this was an offer only because of the special circumstances.

“We will only provide this pre-paid [credit] once for each account, that means once the account is filled there will be no more filling up,” he added.

The Minister of Public Work Mr. Salvador also appreciate the help from the operators and the companies, include EDTL which has supported the government during the emergency situation.

He said the policy was in line with the State of Emergency decree, article 26, which forbids customers from gathering in a public place. This would include queues outside the EDTL ‘pulsa’ booths dotted throughout Dili and elsewhere.

Spokeswoman for the Telecommunication Operators, Samatha Abel said operators have completed tests on the text number, and will be ready to provide the credits by Monday.

Journalist: Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Editors: Robert Baird, Julia Chatarina

Translation: Nelia Borges


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