Anti-corruption Commissioner, Sergio Hornai (Antonio Goncalves)

DILI, 8 January 2020 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste’s anti-corruption commission (CAC) is set to hand 43 alleged crimes to the prosecutor’s office, Commissioner Sergio Hornai announced today.

Commissioner Hornai said the allegations were just some of the 73 reports of corruption under investigation, which includes six referrals from other ministries.

“[With] any case, we need to carry out an in-depth investigation for the Public Prosecution Service (Ministeriu Publiku – MP), and then the MP will use its competencies [either] to press charges, or to file it away,” Sergio Hornai said.

He urged the country to be patient with the official court process.

“We all wait for the process of all crimes that their nature are corruption will go through the investigation process,” he added.

The Haksolok Ferry (Image/ZEESM)

Addressing the media Wednesday, Commissioner Hornai would not reveal the nature of the allegations. But he did discuss reports of improper use of funds that have circled around the Haksolok ferry, which remains in Portugal.

He said any allegation needs a thorough and accurate investigation to determine if any crime has been committed.

Continuous delays and cost blowouts for the future Oe-cusse and Ataúro Island ferry has led to accusations of graft. The US $15 million project is still yet to be delivered to Timor-Leste.

Commissioner Hornai said CAC has never been afraid to pursue investigations, including the “Haksolok” ship.

“CAC is only afraid of ghosts” he said with a smile.

Originally published in Tetum as: KAK: Seidauk iha Investigasaun Loloos ba Roo Haksolok and KAK Finaliza Ona Prosesu ba Kazu Korrupsaun 43

Journalist: Domingos Piedade Freitas
Editors: Francisco Simões; Robert Baird
Translation: Nelia Borges


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